Thursday, 30 May 2013

MY Party Dress

| Wearing | Dress - Top Shop | Shoes - Steve Madden | Necklaces - gifted | Rings - Jewelmint and Nasty Gal | Lips - Fifth Ave Fuchsia by Cover Girl |

It’s my party and I will wear whatever I want…. Okay, in all seriousness though, we all like to look and feel fabulous on our day of birth.  If you are like myself and aren’t into the big celebrations, it’s still fun to get glammed, wear your brightest lip color, and go for a cocktail or two.
There is hardly any girl who does not spend a lot of time deciding what clothes to wear to any old party, let alone your birthday celebration. Naturally, one wants to look perfect and steal the spotlight.  I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it.  It reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw when she gallivanted around it in Paris.  Crinoline isn’t just for wedding gowns and ballerina recitals.  It was love at first sight and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  The classic color combination may be the biggest trend seen for 2013. Black and white color blocking is everywhere and I especially love how easy it is to incorporate into my own personal style. 
You can't go wrong wearing black and white this season as monochrome rules the runway and street way in almost every trend.  Play around and be creative… try it with crinoline, jean, sequins… the sky is the limit.
xo, Court

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

7 Beautry Trends of Spring - Day 7 - NUDE IS MORE

The big news with nails this season: nude is in. After an excess of neon and bright colors, the pendulum has finally swung in the opposite direction with an emphasis on pretty, wearable shades of cream and beige. That’s not to say there aren’t bold patterns, bright moments and feature nails to be enjoyed for different looks and occasions.  This spring, after all is about classic reds, chic corals, soft pastels, and mellow yellows mixed in with cool ombre and metallic designs. A nude cream is timeless in its simplicity, and it goes with any outfit or skin tone

We all love sparkly disco balls – but let’s say your ensemble is already sparkling or bold, you may be in the mood for something a little more subtle but still polished, literally. The new nude trend is fabulous, feminine and shows less chips and scratches for the woman, like myself, who works with her hands.  When I want to spice it up, I add an Essie bold sparkle to one nail for a little something extra. Could nude be the new black?

xo, Court

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

7 Beautry Trends of Spring - Day 6 - ALL ABOUT THE EYES

I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and as such have adopted her elegant make up style as my everyday go-to.  You either have to have a steady hand or good eye liner technique to get this 50’s glam look.  Wearing eyeliner can be considered an art, but with a little practice and right product, anyone can rock it.  This look completely changes the shape of your eye and it is so timeless. It has the ability to make your eye look bigger.

Just as there are many ways to apply eyeliner, there are also several types of eyeliner – namely the pencils, crayon, paint pod and liquid eyeliner.  I’ve tried them all and the trend seems to be liquid.  The brush is thick and you can apply with one swipe.  But if you are a beginner at applying eyeliner, start with the pencil, it is the easiest.  If you're doing day makeup, use very little liner on bottom, if any. For nighttime glamour, start all the way from the inside corner of the eyes. Take care not to let bottom and top liner meet too closely— this will make the eye seem smaller and closed. Go ahead, channel your inner Audrey. 

xo, Court

Friday, 10 May 2013

7 Beautry Trends of Spring - Day 5 - SOCK BUN

I am obsessed with the big glam sock bun!  I literally tried my first one with a pair of old socks and have been hooked ever since!  I have since upgraded to the hair doughnut for bun perfection and rock this look at least twice weekly.  For those lazy days where you don’t feel like washing your dirty rats nest, this is the perfect style.  I always spray on a little Bed Head dry shampoo to eliminate any grease and then throw it up into a massive mound on the crown of my head.  

Even though your hair may not be the cleanest of shiniest within this mound, it is so Carrie Bradshaw chic that you will feel instantly glam and positively get noticed.  I always style mine up with a bright rouge lip color and an extra layer or black liquid liner to make my eyes stand out.

xo, Court

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

7 Beautry Trends of Spring - Day 4 - BRAIDS BRAIDS BRAIDS

Low maintenance is the new high maintenance.  One hair trend I can’t get enough of this spring is braids — from long fish-tails to braided crowns, embellished or simple, these looks will easily allow you to mix up your typical hair routine.  I just love the relaxed beachy look of a long fishtail braid or the romantic feel of a simple side braid around your head with loose waves.

The latest braid muse has appeared in the form of a chunky fishtail braid, which works best on unwashed, messy hair.  Every girl who loves braids is obsessed with Blake Lively’s messy side fish braid.  Besides, this is great option when you want to reinvent your hair time and time again. There are so many different styles you can try whether you have medium-length or longer hair. They are versatile and suitable to any occasion. The best part – the dirtier your hair, the better the braid!

xo, Court

Friday, 3 May 2013

7 Beauty Trends of Spring - Day 3 - STATEMENT LIPS

Bright, bold lips? Check. On the contrary, another lip trend for a lighter spring approach is big and bright.  I have been absolutely loving fuchsia and bright pink. I get it: bold lipstick can be intimidating. What if it bleeds, smudges, or worse -- leaves red stains on your man's crisp white shirt? But with all these gorgeous colors, it'd be a crying shame if we didn't partake – so kiss your man before you apply!

Give your red lippie a break this month, and try my new favourite colour – fuchsia. I just love how this bright, bold shade of pink is universally flattering.  Whether you have a fab tan or are pale white, fuchsia lipstick will glam up your look in a flash.  I love sporting Fifth Avenue Fushia by Covergirl for a fun flirty pout for night time. Your bright pink lips should be the focal point of your face so keep everything else simple. Stay away from raccoon eye makeup like Taylor Momsen, and go easy on the blush – you don’t want to look like a lady of the night.  I typically tend to wear a neutral shimmery shadow, black cat-eye liner and a generous application of mascara.  Keep your outfit trendy but not over-the-top, and stay away from colours that clash with fuchsia.  Go on, have fun with that duck pout.

xo, Court