Wednesday, 7 March 2018

M-U-R-A-D Coat FTW

| Jacket - Aritzia | Tee - Anine Bing | Pants - Levis | Shoes - Nine West 
 Denim Jackets |

Oversized Denim Jackets | Aritzia | Nasty Gal | Aritzia | Zara | Nasty Gal |

You've probably had a denim jacket in your closet for forever, but this season they're a little different than the ones you might have worn in the past. I love the slightly slouchy fit and perfectly worn-in feel of this boyfriend style jacket.  The oversize extra layer offers a fresh spin on an old classic.  It's warm enough to double as your Spring/never-ending winter jacket and it can be paired with almost anything, making it a must-have piece.  Try a new style winter jacket and go for it with the denim. 


Thursday, 22 February 2018

The B I G G E R the B E T T E R

| Cardigan - Revolve (similar) | Tights - Lululemon | Tee - Lululemon | Sneaks - Nike | Beanie - Lord & Taylor |

Oversized Cardigans | Nordstrom | Revolve | Revolve | Nordstrom | Nordstrom | Aritzia |

Well... with all this snow and more in the forecast, it looks like winter wear is here to stay.  Old Man Winter is hitting us harder than ever this February - Snow drifts 4 feet high and bitter cold winds. My sweater mantra - the BIGGER the BETTER!!  Stay bundled and warm in your best winter knits.  I am O B S E S S E D with oversized knits and cardis.  It's like wearing a blanket all day long.

Shop my favs linked above.  Stay warm loves.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

GO Big or GO Home

| Jacket - Guess (no longer available) | Top - The Bay | Denim - Frame | 


Bigger is better this winter, especially when it comes to outerwear.  This season’s outerwear trend is all about chic oversized silhouettes that take a cue from menswear-inspired silhouettes.  We all love wearing our men's sweaters and hoodies, so why not take a note from their closets an steal their jackets too... or at least the style.  

I absolutely died when I saw this pea coat last year and had to have it.  I stocked it online and bought it at the end of the season when it was 60% off.   It's actually from Guess, they did a collaboration for men and women .  So this is actually unisex... even though its pink. It's totally comfortable and big enough to fit a huge warm sweater and scarf for the coldest of winter days.  Check out the links above for my favorite oversized coats for your winter wardrobe.


Monday, 5 February 2018

F U R For the Win

| Jacket - Aritzia | Tee - Aritzia | Blouse - Aritzia | Pants - Frame | Beanie - Camp Brand | Mules - Steve Madden


Well, looks like winter isn't going anywhere soon.  One day it's sunny and all the snow is melting... and the next it's a blizzard with a foot of fresh snow.  Furs are here to stay... for at least another or two!

I absolutely love the versatility of faux fur.  Just think about it—you need to step our for groceries or are meeting a gf for a casual coffee and are wearing an oversize T-shirt or blouse and sneakers. Instead of throwing on a sweatshirt or hoodie, slip into a furry statement coat.  You will completely change the look of your casual ensemble and maybe even turn a few heads. These jackets come in many colors, patterns, and textures - the possibilities are endless! All you have to do now is find the one that's perfect for you… an excuse to shop,  yes please!


Monday, 29 January 2018

Black L E A T H E R Layers

| Jacket - Mackage (similar)  | Duster - Forever 21 | Pants - Shopbop | Hat - Janessa Leone (similar) |

Leather Bombers: | Zara | Zara | ASOS | ASOS |

Dusters: | ASOS | ASOS | Forever 21 | Forever 21 |

Black on black = life.  Adding a duster or a layer piece under a leather jacket can spice it up and make it look new. I get bored of things really easily, so I added a lace duster and it completely changed the look of my outfit.  Love dusters.  Love layering. 
For other layering ideas try:

1. A tee under a fitted tank, 

2. An over sized hoodie under a jean jacket,

3.  A flannel or blouse tied around your waist, or 

4.  A blanket scarf instead of a jacket.


Monday, 22 January 2018

Black is the New Black

| Jacket - Aritzia | Tee - Adidas | Leggings - Aritzia | Beanie - Acne Studios | Shoes - Nike |

Wearing all black is more than just a sartorial choice. There’s a very certain kind of person to whom an entirely black wardrobe appeals, and they tend to be driven, honest, self-empowering and unapologetic about it all.  I live in black and I feel damn good about it.

A girlfriend, who knows I live for black on black fashion, send me an amazing article "11 Reasons Why Women Who Wear All Black Are Never To Be Messed With" by Brianna Wiest.  I simply had to share... scroll down to read.

1. Women who wear all black lead very colorful lives. They tend to be driven and hard-working and balance out all the chaos in their sartorial choices.

2. According to a study, they’re perceived as more attractive, successful and confident. People who wear black are powerful – plain and simple, and they tend to command respect, too.

3. They have a “walk softly, carry a large stick” mentality. They’re unassuming. They do not need your approval, but they will make sure you recognize what they do and what kind of impact they have on others.

4. They value self-empowerment above all else. They are not the kind of people you want to complain to, their response will just be an example of how you could take back control of your life.

5. They care more about being themselves than buying into trends. They see every aspect of their lives as a potential avenue of self-expression, and they are never ones to just “follow the crowd” on anything.

6. Even if they aren’t calling you out on your bullshit, they see right through it. They’re deep thinkers to a fault, which is why they prefer simplicity in other areas in their life. Regardless: they are aware of your motivations before you are.

7. They’re straightforward. If you ask for their opinion, you are going to get it – not an altered idea of what they think you want to hear.

8. They are a terrifying combination of elegant and intimidating. If there is anything scarier than a graceful woman who is in equal parts a raging, unstoppable badass, I’ll believe it when I see it.

9. They are not afraid to edit their lives. Friends, jobs, relationships, outfits – if something isn’t working, they believe life is too short to hold onto anything mediocre.

10. They don’t care if you don’t like them. They do not act with the intention of winning over your praises, they’d rather be true to themselves.

11. They care more about what they do than what they look like. It’s because they care so much about what they do that they always want to look sleek and put-together, but also that they don’t want to waste their energy on things that they don’t value much.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Slush Wear

| Jacket - Lululemon | Leather leggings - Aritzia | Boots - Sorel | Beanie - Obey | Sunnies - Rayban |

K seriously, this is the worst time of year for fashion.  Temperatures are rising, snow is melting, slush and mud are EVERYWHERE.  You can't get out of your car without getting filthy and can't walk through a parking lot without getting splashed.  

This style of outfit is my favorite for these weather conditions.  The leather pants wipe clean so easily and the leather sorels are made for the snow and slush (and also wipe clean so easily.  There is no point in doing your hair either - everything is damp and rooftops are dripping. Throw on a cute beanie (and sunnies to cover a makeup-less face).  Links for everything I am wearing is above.