Thursday, 28 March 2013

Project Extension

The Reality:
I’ve been told I have defined cheek bones and exotic eyes, but one thing remains the same… my lashes need some major help.  Don’t even get me started on my bottom lashes… they don’t exist! People look at me and it takes them all of 30 seconds to pick out my beauty handicap… my pathetic, stubby little lashes.  So, when I have an event or a special night out I end up going out with huge false lashes that flutter like feathers in the wind.  Although a ‘little’ unnatural, my lashes for once will look thick, full and luscious. 

The Lengths We Go To: 
Yes Yes YES!  I want to look like a celebrity and have Kim Kardashian’s flowing lashes, but let’s face it, I don’t have live-in stylists and makeup artists.  Way back when I was young and na├»ve, I really thought that all those celebrity's lashes and perfect locks where real!, I was baffled by how these women could look so perfect all the time.  This is when I discovered the lovely cosmetic department and saw those ity bity boxes containing fake lashes… and that’s when I learnt that you really can fake beauty.  I have spent years trying to make my real lashes look naturally enhanced.  I have tried everything – false lashes (too obvious), individual add ons (too time consuming), lash extensions (too expensive), and even serums from the pharmacy (don’t work)… always reverting back to the good old mascara wand, applying 7 coats generously –literally 7 coats though, not even exaggerating.
I literally coat on so much mascara that at the slight chance of rain… I will look like Rocky Raccoon roaming the streets.  I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I love my lashes to stick out.  The shape of my eyes is my favorite feature on my face, so I have to play up what I’ve got.

THE Product:
The fashion industry today has embraced alternative, realistic procedures that a lot of women can relate to. For those of us who live breathe dream fashion and cosmetics, we know that life isn’t viewed through rose-coloured glasses.  Models don’t have naturally perfect lashes or long thick locks similar to Rapunzel.  This product is relevant and practical for women who weren’t born with perfect genetics. 
I am willing to share my beauty secret because it is SO good… LATISSE!!  And it doesn’t require applying fake lashes, peeling glue out of your eye sockets or the risk of looking like a tranny mid-day with lashes that are so overdone and ridiculous.  I was introduced to this brilliant product by Dr. Nicole Hallgren of Central Plastic Surgery in Kamloops.  Now, my lashes are thicker and longer than ever.  It IS a safe product, but it has to be prescribed by a professional.  Dr. Hallgren has become one of my beauty ambassadors – she is gorgeous and a genius (8 years of med school will do that to a woman).  I like trying a product that a real woman has actually tried; it is way more relatable that way, not ‘hollywoodized’.  First thing I noticed in my consult was Nicole’s fluttering lashes with a minimal coat of mascara.  I was literally shifting in my seat, dying of excited to try this product.  It is super easy and painless, literally taking a minute to apply each evening after you have washed your face.

I’ll be honest, when I started the product it seemed like it took forever to start the growth but then BAM overnight I had these gorgeous long lashes.  This product has completely revolutionized my beauty regime, dead serious.  I wear WAY less make up, no longer wear eye liner for day time and use half the amount of mascara I once did.  I am often asked about wearing fake eye lashes and one girlfriend even asked me how to make her “fake lashes” look as good as mine.  The growth and fullness is that noticeable to people!

The Biography if Latisse:

 Latisse is a prescription treatment indicated in Canada to improve the prominence of natural eyelashes as measured by increases in growth, thickness and darkness.  It is applied nightly to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes using a sterile, single-use-per-eye disposable applicator brush. Lashes grow gradually over time, with most people beginning to see results in about eight weeks, and full effect at 16 weeks.

Has Latisse Been Studied?

Latisse was clinically tested in a pivotal Phase III, multi-centre, double-masked, placebo-controlled study.  Users experienced statistically significant improvements in eyelash prominence, length, fullness and darkness at the end of the 16-week timeframe.

v  78 % of patients experienced an increase in overall lash prominence
v  Patients experienced a 25 % increase in eyelash
v  Patients experienced a 106 % increase in eyelash thickness / fullness

How Does Latisse Work:

Although the precise mechanism of action is not entirely understood, the growth of eyelashes with Latisse is believed to occur by increasing the duration of the growth phase of the hair cycle. It is believed that the product increases the length of, and number of lashes in this phase. Increased thickness and fullness is believed to result from extending the anagen phase and the increase in darkness occurs by the stimulation of pigment (melanin) formation in the hair follicles. The overall effect is increased length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes.  Once treatment with Latisse is discontinued, over a period of several weeks to months (average eyelash hair cycle), eyelash prominence will return to pre-treatment levels.  The side effects are minimal to none and the result is beyond amazing!

If you are interested in trying this wonderful product contact Dr. Hallgren at Central Plastic Surgery: (250) 851-4465.  She is an amazing, kind woman and there is absolutely no obligation to commit.  If you aren’t sure and want more information, have a chat with her, OR, like me, dive right in and try my glamour secret.

Dr. Nicole Hallgren
#420 - 175 west 2nd avenue
Kamloops, BC
(250) 851 4465

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

For the Love of Chambray

| Wearing | Shirt - Free People | Blazer - H&M | Pants - J Brand | Boots - Acne | Watch - Michael Kors c/o Fifth Avenue Jewelers | Rings - Silpada, Stella & Dot, and Nasty Gal |

It’s not too often a trend can be shared by men and women. So when a fad takes over the fashion world for both sexes, you know it’s major.   This isn’t a new trend – but it just keeps coming back bigger and better than ever. Chambray, a lightweight cotton cloth, is the most popular denim-like fabric this spring. For women, the chambray shirt kills two trend birds with one stone: it plays on the baggy, boyfriend trend, and the casual-chic effortless sytle.  A great thing about chambray is that it goes with any color, meaning that the possibilities and ways to style are endless. J.Crew and Aritzia carry the best ones I’ve seen, but I’ve seen cheaper (and comparable) versions at Winners, Levi stores and H&M.

I wanted to avoid the typical Canadian tuxedo so I paired my shirt with black “wax look” pants and a blazer.   I am not the most casual person so I buttoned mine up, tucked it in like a blouse and finished it off with a blazer.  Another great way to wear it, as my best gal always does (yes, you Jilly), is to leave it open with a tank or printed tee underneath for a casual, effortless look.  Denim button ups are also a great cover-up for warm temperatures, and go great with sundresses and black trouser shorts.

For those who love the look of leather pants but are too scared to try them out or find them unaffordable and impractical -  No worries… Waxed denim is a great alternative, plus it is breathable.  J Brand and Current/Elliot has come out with some amazing wax look skinnies and jeggings.  I am obsessed with these pants, and although kind of pricey for a “trendy” item, they fit amazing well and go with absolutely anything!

I imagine this spring’s trends will be all about how to look chic in pants with the changing weather. Leather is super sexy no matter how it is worn; as a jacket, a vest or pants. But often times it can be hot and uncomfortable to wear. Big fashion names have found a way to create the look of leather without the actual material itself. Wax finish is simply regular jeans with a layer of wax heated and pressed on top of it. The result is your same great skinnies with a shiny, edgy addition. 

With all these great Spring trends in store windows, it’s impossible not to splurge! Happy shopping.

xo, Court