Saturday, 22 December 2012


| Wearing | Tights - H&M | Blouse - Urban Outfitters | Boots - Acne | Necklace - Forever 21 | Ring - Silpada | Bracelets - Aldo |

This look is all about Glitz meets Grunge.
I have always enjoyed putting together pieces that apparently don’t match.  I love the grunge, rock style with a touch of glamor, so I matched a classic sheer blouse with these loud patterned tights.  It's hard to see but the silver letters have shine to them and really sparkle when hit with light.  I love the crazy extravagance and sexy appeal of these ABC sparkly tights – they seem to turn heads, shock, and make a statement.
xo, Court

Friday, 21 December 2012

NINTH Day of SPARKLE - Metallic Hue

| Wearing | Blazer - H & M | Blouse - Urban Outfitters | Rings - Stella & Dot and Silpada | Watch - Michael Kors |

The ladies blazer is unarguably one of the most important staples in my closet.  They have such great fashion potential and can really be worn any way with any outfit.  Who knew that one garment could create glamour, formality and even a sartorial chic style.  This shimmery blazer is a high-impact spin on an ever classic piece – a basic face-lift to my usual plain tailored outerwear.

The shimmer is so much fun for the holidays and it drapes so nicely.  This type of fabric really goes with anything.  It could be worn over a LBD or with jeans, a blouse and heels.  If you don’t like playing dress up in an overly glamorous way, throwing a sequin or sharply tailored blazer will transform a pair of jeans or trousers into a party-ready ensemble.  Boyfriend blazers have made an appearance and look equally effective for a cutting edge, on-trend relaxed look.  Be inspired by this glittery piece and treat yourself to a little structured shine!!

xo, Court

Thursday, 20 December 2012

EIGHTH Day of SPARKLE - Silver Edge

| Wearing | Top - Nasty Gal | Trousers - Urban Outfitters | Pumps - ASOS | Watch - Nixon | Bracelets - Aldo Accessories |

The party collar is everywhere. Many are detachable or added on as an accessory, but this silver sparkler is built right in.  I love the neutrality of this blouse with the pop of shine around the neck. Variety and versatility are the two key words when it comes to the embellished collar trend. Not only can you choose the type of design and sparkle you want, you can also choose how and where to wear it. It works for the office, a lunch date or even a night out.

They help draw attention to one’s gorgeous face or up-do rather than the body or mid-section (after one too many holiday treats). You need a strong color, texture, embellishment, to turn up the volume this holiday season. But don't go all over board and Disneyland or it starts to look like a Tinkerbell costume, which is not the idea at all.  Happy sparkling.

xo, Court

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

SEVENTH Day of SPARKLE - Egyptian Twist

| Wearing | Necklace - Jewelmint | Top - Joe Fresh | Ring - Silpada |

Rock your holiday parties and get-togethers this Christmas with Egyptian-inspired pieces.  Add something exotic to spice up your wardrobe and jump into the ethnic-inspired trend. 

Forget walking like an Egyptian and try dressing like one! Egyptian inspired jewelry has been popping up left, right, and center. I fell in love with this style while browsing Jewelmint’s line of jewelry and have seen them making a statement around town ever since. Jewelry is a great way to accessorize, and this trend can make any outfit pop and shine.  If you want to keep it simple, gold jewelry in the shape of a collar is a slinky and seductive way to rock this look.  This can be worn with a more neutral outfit without being distracting.  However, for those who want bold jewelry, a beaded bib necklace of glass, gold, and diamonds is the way to go.  A simple or even monochromatic outfit would work best with this necklace. 

This fun, geographic, bold trend is one that any girl can pull off, but stick to one Egyptian-inspired piece at a time. Try a necklace reminiscent of a hieroglyphic or bold collar design.  You'll be feeling more confident, and dare I suggest a little more exotic, in no time.

Xo, Court

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

SIXTH Day of SPARKLE - Stary Eye Surprise

If you want add a little sparkle and glitter and aren’t a fan of draping yourself in sequin and shine, try a more subtle look by adding a sparkly eye liner.  I have to give credit where credit is due because I was skeptical about wearing glitter on my eyes – haven’t done this since, well high school dances.  One of my absolutely gorgeous friends who has the longest natural eyelashes I have ever seen was wearing a little silver sparkle along her eye lids and in her lashes and I had to copy the look.  I picked up a bottle of Lise Watier’s “Silver Stars” liquid liner and fell in love. It is a defined, precise, long lasting line that is full of brilliant glitter for an all-out “glamtastic” look!

This versatile liner adds glitter to the lash line and can also be used over different eye shadows. However you wear your gorgeous gleam, you're sure to get starry-eyed stares!  It's really easy to apply over top of your black liquid or pencil eye liner (if you wear eye liner) and I added a little on top of my lashes after applying mascara for that little something extra. 
When wearing glittery make-up, it is important that you not overwhelm onlookers with sparkle. If your face, hair, clothes and jewelry all sparkle, you will look more like a human disco ball than a confident, attractive person. Wearing different types of glitter make-up should impact your choice of clothing and jewelry significantly.  So keep the shadow and black liner simple and have fun by adding a little sparkle to your holiday.

Xo, Court

Monday, 17 December 2012

FIFTH Day of SPARKLE - Nail Spark

| Wearing | Essie Nail Polish - | OPI Nail Polish - | Rings - Lia Sophia and Jewelmint |

There is more than enough glittery nail polish to go around during the holiday season, and, of course, I will personally be dabbling into plenty of it.  But say your ensemble is already sparkling and glitzy, you may be in the mood for something a little more subtle in shade. Fitting the bill as a luxurious lacquer that can be worn with everything, Midnight Black hue is an obvious choice to keep it classic and polished, literally.  But being the glam queen that I am, I had to add a little sparkle to the mix.  One nail, everyone does it, everyone loves it, enough said!  

Essie nail lacquer has become my latest obsession and this silver sparkle polish goes on thick, is noticeable and lasts forever!!! It’s so much fun to do different things and this trend of one sparkly nail has become my go-to nail choice. 

xo, Court

Sunday, 16 December 2012

FOURTH Day of SPARKLE - Ell and Emm

| Wearing | Top - Aritzia cashmere | Necklace - Ell and Emm | Rings - Silpada, Jewelmint and Stella & Dot |

It was love at first site with this sparkler.  Ell and Emm and is a jewellery guru who makes and ships out all of her own products.  I was introduced to her pieces through another fabulous blogger friend of mine and since then have been checking her availability almost daily…. Yes, she is that popular that her products literally sell out in a few hours!!!

I love the way the necklace dressed up an otherwise plain cashmere blouse.  I wore this outfit to a casual charity breakfast and felt as if all eyes were on my diamond clad neck piece.  It’s simple and light and I just love the delicate ribbon that ties it together.

Check out Ell and Emm on Etsy and join the Glam Fam!

xo, Court

Saturday, 15 December 2012

THIRD Day of SPARKLE - Black Pearl

| Wearing | Dress - Guess by Marciano (old) | Rings - Silpada and Stella & Dot | Bracelets - Aldo |

Little Black Dress meet Mr. Sequins… voila – here you have a bedazzled little black dress.

With each year that passes comes new seasons with major fashion updates. Now it’s time to change your party look, lose the plain LBD. Step outside of your comfort zone, put on a classy sequin dress and I assure, you will rock the party. Yes, Sequin Dresses are coming in fashion now. Not only sequin dresses, but try sequin accessories, sequin pumps or a party look sequin gown. They will give you glamorous, classy and trendy look.  I remember when my childhood ballet costumes would be made of head to toe sequins, and now I am buying dresses, blazers and tanks made up of the same little round glitters.  You’ll catch the light on the dance floor and outshine the disco ball OR you’ll stand out at a holiday cocktail party.  

xo, Court

Friday, 14 December 2012

SECOND Day of SPARKLE - Clutch Diamond

| Wearing | Clutch - ASOS | Jacket - DKNY | Rings - Silpada and Stella & Dot |

For daytime to date time, a good Clutch is one of my favorite ways to add color or sparkle without overwhelming the rest of my ensemble.  These dazzling minis are every bit as versatile as a black bag but with much more personality and edge.

What’s not to love about this clutch?! Featuring gorgeous black metallic fabric, front ruching set in rows of dazzling rhinestones and a front flap, this clutch is meant for a night out on the town. This metallic bedazzled clutch is not only flirty and sexy, but functional and stylish.  The studs seem to tone down the bling a little, which I like… otherwise it would be like carrying a small disco ball that holds your lipstick and keys.  

xo, Court