Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summer Breeze

For me, Summer fashion is about effortless style and casual chic looks.  I love to rock beachy waves in my hair or a ballarina bun, summery nail polish colors, light fabrics and tall wedges.  You don't have to wear a ton of make up and be dolled up to look chic and fabulous. 

My go-to Summer look:  Short shorts, a blouse (which I tuck in at the front of the shorts) statement jewelly, sky high wedges and natural wavey hair.  I have a few great pairs of short lacey shorts and colored cut offs that I pair with many different colors and patterns of blouses.  Most of the shirts are sheer - so they are ultra light weight and breathe just as well as any tank or tee.

Hair Routine:  Naturally, I love to wear my hair wavy or curly, because I am stuck with poker straight locks.  People constantly ask me how I get my hair wavy - it's super easy and only takes a few minutes.  It doesnt matter if your hair is washed or dirty, it will work the same.  I spritz water and Redken curl spray into my straight hair, do a loose french braid starting at the top of my head, spray a little hairspray in and sleep on it.  I take the braid out in the morning, put a little curl moose in and away I go. 

Beauty Routine:  When it is hot outside I try to keep my beauty routine and make up application to a minimum.  I hate foundation and powders so I avoid those at all costs.  I moisturize with baby lotion after every shower and apply a generous helping of Clinique moisturizer to my face.  I wear bronzer (my go-to), a little eye shadow, eye liner (depending on the occasion) and mascara.  If I am not wearing lipstick, I always have some sort of chap stick or medicating gloss on my lips to keep them moist and soft.

I created a look board to give some ideas for summer fashion and color.  Hope this helps.

xo, Court

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Think Pink

| Wearing Aritza shorts | American Apparel tank top | Elizabeth Brady pumps | ASOS bracelets | Stylemint ring |

Pink Pink Pink – my new favorite color. I’m obsessed with hot pink right now, and according to the Fashion Week runways, it looks like it's really taking off far and wide. It's bright, fun and sexy in a super-feminine way—plus, it has a certain look-at-me effect.  It’s everywhere right now and how fitting for the first day of summer being yesterday!  I’ve seen pink pants, tops, shoes, nails, accessories and even hair.  Be feminine and gorgeous with this hot hue this season. Sometimes it’s nice to look different and really stand out – and there’s no better way to express your inner “Pretty in Pink” girl. Enjoy the range of different shades of the colour and really stand out.

xo, Court

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Neon Glamour

| Wearing H & M blouse | American Appreal tights | Steve Madden boots | Michael Kors watch | Stella & Dot jewellry |

This outfit is touching on many of the surfacing trends this season – Shiny tights, riding boots, neon, and shirts that have differing lengths in the front and back.   However, spring's standout pieces have one common feature: NEON. The 80's are coming back in more ways than one and I am definitely okay with that. Whether done in fluorescent yellow, pink, coral, orange, or green, highlighter hues have taken on a fresh and modern role in this season's wardrobe. From shoes to blouses and blazers, neon features and accents serve to pop an entire outfit with electric waves of color. I paired my neon blouse with neutrals – I wanted to sizzle but not stand out or stop traffic (like an orange pylon).

xo, Court

Monday, 11 June 2012

Comfy Casual

| Wearing Dex sweater | Le Chateau top | Hudson jeans | Steve Madden boots | ASOS scarf | Michael Kors watch | Nasty Gal and Jewelmint rings | Stella & Dot bracelets |Revlon "Wine with Everything" lipstick |

Weekends are totally a time for resting and relaxing. And even though you want to be casual and comfy, you still want to look good; well that’s how I feel anyways.   

If you are like me, you attempt to look stylish, even on the weekends. Get rid of the "it's the weekend, I don't care" attitude and make an effort. Good clothes for this include sweatshirt-chic sweatshirts, chunky knits, v-neck t shirts, flat boots or shoes, and that pair of your favorite jeans.

Although some weekends you'll want to be ultra-casual, others maybe you'll want to experiment a little fashion-wise. I feel like I can take more fashion risks on the weekends and not worry as much as I would if I was at work – stuck in that outfit all day!

Don't spend too much time on hair or makeup; the minimalist look can still be cute.  Stick to the basics for makeup: bronzer (my go-to), eyeliner, mascara and, of course, lip gloss. This is all you need because with the bronzer your skin will look even, with the eyeliner your eyes will stand out and not get lost in your face, and the lip gloss will just make your lips look good.  When applying eyeliner, apply it right along your lower lash line and inside the upper lash line.
Although minimalist, this makes your eyes stand out in the best way possible so that they won't get lost in your face.

A popular look is to have a tight-ish T-shirt and some (ripped) comfy, old, slightly baggy jeans.  I love to rock a high wedge and lots of gypsy jewelry.  It’s easy to jazz up an otherwise causal outfit with great shoes and accessories.

Never look sloppy just because it's the weekend. You never know who you might run into!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mullet Dress

| Wearing Material Girl dress | Steve Madden shoes | Forever 21 necklace | ASOS bracelets | Jewelmint rings |

Girls, there's a new mullet in town. But take a deep breath, we're not going to suggest you cut your hair in some wonky way—all you need to do is just slip it on. When I saw this dress I knew I had to have it.  It was lifeless on the rack and no one else had even second glanced it, but I knew it would be a winner. The “mullet dress” (as they are referred to) has a short hem line at the front and a long trail at the back. I like how they give you the best of both worlds when it comes to a skirt: a mini and a maxi. Plus, it's an ideal transition piece from spring to summer that can be dressed up or down.
If you have long legs, you can try the mini version with a short hemline in the front. If you have shorter legs, go for the longer front hemline, that way the focus won’t be on your legs as much.  I have bigger legs and a smaller waste so this pattern and cut worked out perfectly for me… and it always helps to wear sky high heels. Try to avoid flats with the mullet dress and stick to heels that will flatter your legs since this is where you will get the most attention.

It’s like a party dress in the front and formal length in the back.  I feel like a man who was sick of maxi dresses and long cotton skirts designed this dress to sex things up a bit.  Men love to see leg.  Wherever or whoever originated this design is genius and I recommend everyone trying one.   
xo, Court

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sheer Madness

| Wearing Urban Outfitters top | H & M skirt | Steve Madden heels | Michael Kors watch | Jewelmint rings |

Similar to the all re-occurring trends, sheer garments are ever-present and perpetually reinvented.  I love sheer blouses - they are classy and riské at the same time.  Designers continue to play with the ideas of negative space, multiple textures, and outrageous patterns shattering any rules about defining what is taboo. Don’t be intimidated by sheer, as it is in no way a new style. We’ve seen it come and go in fashion for decades, and today it is as versatile as ever.  Adopt this trend as your own to add to your style artillery.  Embrace your feminine side with a healthy dose of pastel, floral or bright sheers, which make up another popular trend this year. Patterned sheer blouses add some youth to an otherwise riské top, and they balance out an outfit.  If you aren't sure about this, try wearing a camisole or tube top under for a little more coverage - or a bathing suit poolside. 

xo, Court