Monday, 30 January 2012

Embrace the Lace

| Wearing Urban Outfitters trousers | Aritzia top | Elizabeth Brady pumps | Nixon watch |

Lace is EVERYWHERE this fashion season.  I feel so elegant and classy when I wear it; you really cannot go wrong with lace. I personally love the idea of adding a touch of romantic lace to my wardrobe and these trousers can be worn with any color.  They are my new favorite pants.

Adding a lace piece is a great way to give a neutral look a little zest. But remember, it’s important not to overdo it. I prefer lace with a nice big pattern, either floral or geometric, to make a bold statement and to distinguish the pattern against my skin. I paired my trousers with a solid white tank for a chic and sharp overall look.  I have also worn a plain fitted black tank, which added just a touch of gothic appeal and looked really high fashion.

 Try something lace, who says classy can’t be sexy?

xo, Courtney

Friday, 27 January 2012

Military Splendor

 | Wearing ASOS jacket (similar style) | Aritza skirt | Calvin Klein tights | Aldo boots |

It was another chilly, windy day on the Kamloops river front.  I cozied up with a thick skirt, tights, knee high suede boots and one of my favorite miltary style jackets. 

The military look is at the forefront of fashionable trends yet again this season…We just can’t seem to get enough.  This versatile jacket is a great first step toward taking charge with this ever-lasting trend.  It really can be worn with anything and it isn’t too bold of a choice.  Black, collared, full of buttons, and lightweight, it’s not only a practical protector against the winter’s cool winds, but a boyish touch that can add contrast to even the girliest of looks.  Military… a must-try this season.  

xo, Courtney

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Hint of Pink

| Wearing Hudson jeans | American Apparel top | Aritzia blazer | Top Shop scarf | Elizabeth Brady pumps | Nixon watch | ASOS bracelets |

Pink is making its way into the world of shoes. The color has always been around, feminine and easy to mix and match, but as of late it seems to be everywhere. From jeans to jackets to dresses and shoes, pink is the new feel good, bright color.

I adore pink but don’t seem to wear it enough, especially in this bright hue.  Even if pink doesn’t seem the color for you, try something safe like shoes. It’s just a hint of the color without being overbearing. Let’s face it, our feet always look fab in heels… they don’t have “fat days” too often. 

This outfit is simple but polished with fun accessories.  Stoked on these skinnies I bought, they fit to a T!!
xo, Courtney

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Geek Chic

 | Wearing Urban Behavior tights (similar style) | Jacob top (similar style) | Aldo boots | Ray Ban glasses | Borrowed jewelry from my cousin Sarah |

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”  Coco Chanel

This quote is proven in this blog post.  Floral, no matter what print, always seems to be in style, but the style of clothing may come or go.  I absolutely love these printed tights and I am sure that in a year or two’s time I will look back and think they are atrocious.  However, personal style is the most important style so you should be able to wear trendy pieces if you love them and feel comfortable.  You can wear standout prints and balance it up with a neutral or solid color.

Instead of picking the geriatric, dainty pastel floral prints, try a larger print in darker colors. The darker florals can be worn into cooler seasons as well and would look edgy with a bomber jacket or motorcycle boots. Floral prints are a must have in your wardrobe; they are fun, edgy and trendy 

Just got my new Ray Ban prescription glasses… going for the geek chic look.  What do you all think? Too Steve Urkel? 

xo, Courtney

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Classic Black and White

 | Wearing Express jeans | H & M top (similar style) | Aldo wedges | ASOS jewelry | Stella & Dot necklace |

I very much enjoy this laid-back, yet put together, look. Paired with a black and white striped tee, I love the casual take on the 70′s hailing trend of wide leg jeans.   For most fashionistas black and white has always been a go-to color palette for any outfit or event.  This season these two functional shades come together in looks that are as classy as they are trendy. Stripes and nautical prints are nothing new but they are making appearances all over stores everywhere this year.  Whether worn together on a striped blouse, or separately with pants and shirt, this is an easy trend because so many of us already have an array of black and white staples hanging in our closet.

Prints are so hot lately, especially stripes, so try something new and adventurous to shake up your everyday look.  Sometimes Stripes can be hard to pull off and feel confident so I suggest trying a more casual shirt with jeans to ease your way into the contagious trend… once you go stripe, you never go back. 

xo, Courtney

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year, New You!

| Wearing American Apparel dress | Nine West boots (similar style) | Zara Tokyo socks (similar style) | American Apparel scarf |


This tight little cotton/spandex dress from American Apparel is one of my absolute favorite “feel good” pieces.  Its extremely fitted and short and showcases a nice amount of back cleavage.  I always wear a big “snood” or circle scarf with it so that I don’t have back and front cleavage; it would just be too much skin.  I accessorized with another pair of knee socks from Japan and my go-to Nine West boots.  They are old and are getting worn but seem to get better with age. 

 We all have our resolutions this year, some we stick to and some we don’t.  Most people over indulged this season with too much food and drink.  Getting back on track doesn’t have to be a life or routine changing experience, but it does take some effort.  My life pretty much revolves around fitness and a healthy lifestyle, so my resolutions never include regular exercise or dieting.  Diets don’t work. Period.  So here are a few helpful tips to help get you back on track (they always work for me):

·      Always take the stairs – skip the elevator in your office and avoid the escalator in the mall.  You have no idea how many calories you burn walking up those steps.  I am a long distance runner and find my self slightly out of breath every time I climb a few flights of stairs.  Getting your heart rate up is never a bad thing.

·      Starbucks, we all love our signature hot beverages.  You don’t have to cut these high calorie drinks out of our life forever.  Skip the whip, choose sugar free syrups, opt for skim milk, or even reduce the fat.  Select a smaller size, tall over venti.

·      Cut out white flour completely. Period.  All pasta, breads, and cereals come in a whole-wheat option and that cuts back on the carbs tremendously.

·      H2O – drink as much water as you can all the time.  Always have a bottle of water or a glass within reach.  Drinking room temperature water is easier for your body to absorb.  If you don’t want like plain water, like myself, try adding lemon wedges, natural sweeteners or frozen fruits for a little something extra.

·      Always walk at a brisk pace.  I work downtown and anytime I have to leave the office, whether I am in flats or heels, I make sure to walk at a reasonably fast pace.  I often plug my headphones in and walk to the beat.  It’s funny how music can make you pick up the pace or even walk in confidence.

Hope these little tidbits help!