I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember.   I am from a small city, but I have big ideas and LOVE to set trends.  I am an certified electrician, a mother and a wife - we can be fashionable too, right? I love to piece together outfits and style friends.  This blog is my own personal fashion look book where I can share the styles, clothes, and outfits that I LOVE.

A Few Things About ME:

1. I am afraid of the dark; but I let spiders outside.

2. I LOVE wine - mostly white and sparkling.

3. I got into law school but decided to be an electrician instead.

4. I am the clumsiest person in North America - I have broken bones, fractured my skull, and have had numerous concussions.

5. I love tiger ice cream.  If the opportunity arises, I eat it year round.

6. My favorite music genre is the 60's.

7.  I swear A LOT - terrible habit.

8.  I have a son named Fynn and a husband named Neil, both are incredible humans.  I have pretty diamonds, but I mostly sport my ring finger tattoo on the daily.  Oh, and my social media is in my maiden name because my married name is like "smith" in Ireland.

9.  Pet Peeve - people who drive slow in the fast lane, and people who don't give courtesy waves or say thank you.  UGH.

10.  I work to shop! I have more sweaters than days in a months - oops.

11.  I have never been waxed.

12. My favorite travel partner is my mom.  She's my best B! 


  1. Haha I know so many of those things about you. Such a classic you are honey.

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  3. Love it!! You're following your passion and looking fabulous while doing so! Proud of you lady, keep it up! Xxo

  4. HAHAHA yes you are the biggest cluts haha but i love it. Love this it absolutely describes you.Love to see you follow what you are passionate about! Go Girl! You rock! Cant wait to read more post. xo


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